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Organizer (For-English)

舞原 美保子
Mihoko Maihara

~ A wonderful training opportunity for young people of the future ~


Our mission is to support Japanese students studying Ballet abroad and become successful in their professional dancing careers.
I always strive to provide a safe environment where students can learn with confidence whilst studying abroad.
The International Ballet Forum has so far managed over 250 Japanese students.
Through numerous years of interaction with various principles of ballet schools and ballet company directors led to a deepening of our connection with them.
As a result, we were able to establish a good relationship with some National ballet schools and ballet companies in Europe, and open up the doors to Japanese young dancers.
Many alumni of International Ballet Forum are now studying at ballet schools and work with ballet companies in Europe.
I strongly value the passion of students who loves ballet, want to further develop, and looking to succeed internationally.
I will accompany students as much as possible whilst training abroad. I will also assist them in writing Dance CV.
Certainly my goal is to support the students as coach, mentor and even like a mother when accompanying them, or sometimes spend a pleasant time together like a best friend. 
My hope is to develop more students from Japan with successful professional dancing careers at world's leading ballet companies.
I will continue to support them as a ballet loving mentor.
I always cherish the words "Begin with gratitude and finishes with gratitude"

~ Profile ~

■Official member of the Juridical Foundation Japan Ballet Association
■ Chief Producer of Performance Stage Osaka, Tokyo, Fukuoka, Sapporo, Munich.
■ Chief Producer and Executive Committee member of Tenman-Tenjin Ballet and Dance Festival.
■ Founder of Ballet Studio PRELUDE.
■ Representative of International Ballet Forum of Japan.
■ Directing, choreographing and performing numerous performances at University Cultural Festival, local schools, City Events, Coming-of-the-age Ceremony.
■ Experienced International and local Judge of various Classical Ballet Competitions mainly in Beijing, Germany, Italy and Japan (Kyoto, Wakayama, Fukuoka, Okinawa,Tokyo, Sapporo, Hamamatsu, Kobe, Nagoya)

Every summer we have been holding workshops in Munich since 2013 to bridge and connect Japan with Germany, and held Performance Stages by inviting the Principal of The Ballet Academy of the University of Music and Performing Arts Munich.
In having fusion, development, dissemination of dance as theme in mind and wishing to be a gateway for the artist dancers who intend to succeed in the world, I founded Tenman-Tenjin Ballet and Dance Festival Co sponsored by Kita Ward Office Osaka and have been holding performances annually since 2008 at the Osaka City Central Public Hall, one of Japan’s important cultural property.
Currently my focus is in developing and supporting Japanese young dancers.

Education and Qualification
Graduated from Kyushu Bunka Gakuen
Registered Dietitian
Level 1 Certificate from Japan Make-up Association

Classical ballet training
Started classical and modern ballet training from childhood.
Academy Princess Grace of Monaco.
Beijing Dance Academy of China

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